Empowering Women through Better Health

03 Jul


 It is common in most places around the globe, that women had been victims of neglect for a prolonged time.  In efforts to remedy the situation, most people are finding solutions to this problem.  Women empowerment can take the form of providing better healthcare for women all around the world.  It is of importance to provide better healthcare for women because they go through medical conditions that are unique to just them, no one else in society would relate to. For example, medical conditions such as menopause, PMS, monthly periods that come with pain and also heavy periods are conditions that only they would know about.   As a result, one of the responses that you can afford women in society is to provide solutions that address and relieve them of these medical conditions that are unique to them. This will be a tool of women empowerment in society. Failure to do so, will take us back to backwards times when women were thought of as lesser creatures and were truly neglected.   There are medical conditions that are unique to women that have not been given the best of responses and some medical practitioners have taken time to research on these conditions with the aim of providing long-lasting solutions.  There are medical conditions that are unique to women in this article, shall seek to discuss some of those medical conditions and also discuss possible solutions to the medical issues that face our Humane Society.  The point of discussing them is to point to better healthcare as a tool of women empowerment. For specific information, people can try to use this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_health.

 The first medical condition to start off this discussion is known as polycystic ovary syndrome. It has been described as a clinical syndrome by most medical practitioners.   This condition shows itself in the form of mild obesity, acne and irregular menses.  It courses the estrogen levels in women to elevate which is risky because it can lead to endometrial hyperplasia which is one of the biggest courses of endometrial cancer.  Thankfully, medical relief has been developed in the recent past to address this condition.   Herbal medicine that is helpful in correcting the menstrual cycles is an example of medical relief that has been developed like the ones from Ayuherbs Clinic

 Another medical condition that is only unique to women is known as menorrhagia.   This condition is characterized by abnormally heavy menstrual periods that are also prolonged and occur in regular intervals.   If you have noticed similar symptoms in you or a lady that you know, then this might be the condition that they are suffering from.  Medical practitioners such as Ayurvedic have fortunately come up with medical conditions for this disease such as herbal powders and medicated ghee like Ayuherbs Ayuverda Clinic

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